Photo by @kamaramorozukphoto

Photo by @kamaramorozukphoto

Hey babe,           I'm Mabz.

[Mah-bz] not [May-bz]

"Mabz? That's...different. Is that your real name?"   Um, no. But wouldn't you look silly if it was. Mabz is an acronym for my full name, Marie-Andrée Brisson. (Try fitting that on any/all of your important documents.)  And if you're wondering where that zed came from, I threw it in for flair...not that I needed any. 

So yes, you can actually call me Mabz.

I'm a modern hand lettering artist based in the Ottawa area, who loves a generous slice of cheesecake, Leonardo DiCaprio and when a sticker comes off in one swoop. 

It took me a long time to call myself an "artist", but after studying Fine Art at the University of Ottawa,